Important Things To Know About Lottery Winnings And Taxation In Singapore


Are lottery winnings taxable in Singapore

Are lottery winnings taxable in Singapore? You are probably asking yourself this question right now if you have decided to try your luck in casino games and want to start on the right foot. Before you get serious in the gambling world, you need to know what to expect after winning. The last thing you want is to start gambling with the worry of your wins being taxed.

 The good news is that lottery winnings are not taxable in Singapore. You are only supposed to pay tax for the income that you receive in this country and not the money that you get from betting. This simply means that only pay income for the tax that is received locally.

Singapore does not have capital gains tax, and the lottery wins that you get from gambling locally or internationally are considered capital gains. For this reason, these wins are not subject to taxation.

Another important thing you need to know about lottery winnings in Singapore is that you do not need to declare them.  Even if you declare the wins, chances are you will not get taxed. However, if you do not declare your wins, it is important to make sure that you have the records that you show that you won a lottery just in case you are required to explain sudden growth in your bank account.

In this country, it is the casinos – not the players – that are taxed on lottery winnings. There are two tax rates, which include the Gross Gaming Revenue which is generated from premium players at five percent    and Gross Gaming Revenue which is generate from all other players at fifteen percent.

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